How can I register?

You can register online through this website or please click on this link:

What is the minimum age to participate in this Malshej Ghat Monsoon Half Marathon 2018-Edition 2

• 5 Km Non-Competitive Fun Run (Kids) : 6 to 12 years as of Race Day. Adult supervision by a registered 5KM (Adult) participant is required. Due to safety reasons, one 5KM (Adult) participant can only be paired with one 5KM(Kid)

• 5 Km Non-Competitive Fun Run (Adult) : 18 years and above as of Race Day

• 10KM Challenge Run : 16 years and above as of Race Day

• 21.1KM Half Marathon: 18 years and above as of Race Day

How much are the registration fees?

Categories and fees chart.

Eirly Bird Offer Rates
(18 Apr to 30th Apr 17*)
21.1 KM
Rs. 1150
10 KM
Rs. 950
5 KM (Age 6-below 18 Years)
Rs. 550
5 KM (Age - Above 18 Years)
Rs. 650
3 KM (Age 6-17 Years)
Rs. 500
3 KM (Age - Above 18 Years)
Rs. 600

10 % Group Discount: For at least 10 registrations.

Normal Rates
(1st May to 7th June 17*)
21.1 KM
Rs. 1250
10 KM
Rs. 1050
5 KM (Age 6-below 18 Years)
Rs. 650
5 KM (Age - Above 18 Years)
Rs. 750
3 KM (Age 6-17 Years)
Rs. 550
3 KM (Age - Above 18 Years)
Rs. 650

10 % Group Discount: For at least 10 registrations.
*Please note on the spot registration will be available at the time of BIB Collection, and spot registration fees may increase depending upon registrations.
– Transport facility To and Fro – Rs. 1000

How can I make payment?

You can make payment by VISA/MasterCard through the online payment portal which you will be directed to after you’ve duly completed your registration.

What about kids participation? Who will take care of them if I registered for longer distance run?

It’s your own responsibility, but we will be starting race with other adult participants, plus our volunteers will always have a watch over the kids for their safe run. We cannot give you a guarantee of their safety during a race.

How will I know if my registration for Malshej Ghat Monsoon Half Marathon 2018 - Edition 2 is successful?

Participants will receive a confirmation email upon successful registration. Your unique Registration ID will be reflected on the top of the confirmation slip.

If any problem arises while registration, please mail us at : within 7 days.

Why have I not received my confirmation slip despite registering and making payment?

There could be several reasons:
1. The Confirmation Email has been blocked by your mail server or treated as Spam. Please check your Spam Inbox.
2. Your registration was not successful.
3. The email address entered at the point of registration was incorrect.
4. You may check registration status via the Participants’ Login Page. You may also retrieve your Confirmation Slip at the Participants’ Login Page.

Do I get a refund if I choose not to participate after completing my registration?

No. Registration fees are strictly non-refundable

Can I transfer my race entry to someone else?

No. Race entries are strictly non-transferable. Personal information such as medical condition is tagged to each unique participant and competing on behalf of the registered participant is not permitted. The Race Organizer reserves the right to disqualify the race entry and/or refuse participant’s entry into the start pen for race entries that have been transferred.

Can I make changes to my particulars after completing my registration?

Yes. Please note that you will not be able to change the following details:
• Race Category (Subject to Increase in Price as per category)
• Full Name
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Nationality
*Any changes must be made before Race Day

Kindly mail us your required changes to :

Can I change my race category after completing my registration?

Yes but it is subject to increase in price as per category.

When is the closing date for registration?

Registration closes on 18th June 2018, or whenever slots are filled, whichever is earlier. Offline Registration will be there at the time of BIB Collection.